I am Legend - Still Life Photography Fine Art - Wall Art Metal or Acrylic Print

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Title: I am Legend (2021)

Collection: Legends Live Forever

Artist: Toni Payne

Medium:  Metal Print 

Size: 40 x 50

Edition 1/1 

Your art will outlive you. Even when you are gone, it will continue. Legends Live Forever.

About Legends Live Forever: 

Legends Live Forever is a collection of Fine Art Still Life Photography images intended to arouse diverse sensations in the audience. Legends Live Forever leads to the story of my renaissance. A reminder that as long as you live, there is hope to steer your story. It is the reincarnation of my ability to create, sustain, and bear fruit. We are forever immortalized in our art, never to be forgotten. And in our own right, we are all Legendary and Legends Live Forever.

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This artwork is also available as a one of a kind (1/1) Non fungible token that is sold separately.  


Toni Payne Art

Toni Payne Art | Still Life | Floral | Wildlife | Food | Nature

Toni Payne is a Still Life and Documentary Photographer who creates art that showcases the beauty of the things around us.